Capture Momentum with the Next Right Step

After a create event, what is the next right step for your men? Some may need more of the create momentum activities to build confidence in moving onto activities with deeper spiritual content.  Others may be ready to go deeper spiritually. Therefore, moving your men from create momentum to capture momentum must be handled with specific attention to where each man may be on his spiritual journey.

A capture activity or event include workshops, seminars or conferences that address needs that men face; such as, finances, marriage, parenting, career planning, etc. These can be one-day or weekend events of four to six week studies. While create events are low on spiritual content, these events need to be biblically-based. They require a limited commitment because they of short duration. Finally, these events need to be a bridge to ongoing discipleship ministries such as a small group or mentoring.

Men's Breakfasts for Capturing Momentum. Suggestion use your men’s breakfasts as a capture event. Read More.

The Value of Men's ConferencesMen's conferences, such as Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) Conferences, are more than just a day out. They provide fellowship, encouragement, and inspiration.  Consider the following plan for a day at an Iron Sharpens Iron Conference: First, the men travel together. Meet at the church or at a strategic location and begin the conference day together. Grab a coffee and some conversation as you prepare for the day. Read more... 

Iron Sharpens Iron National Men's Conferences. Iron Sharpens Iron is a Conference Network made up of individual ministries that are working interdependently to most effectively offer local church resources for men. We are doing this by mobilizing ministries to resource local churches with a first class one-day equipping conference that is designed for men (age 13 and older).

Men's Ministry - How Much Is Enough. Do fewer events and do them better- much better. Enthusiasm and success can often lead to excess. I have seen this in my own church and in hundreds of churches across the Northeast. A team of men put something on for the men in their church and the men actually come! The organizers are surprised (shocked) at the turnout, and they immediately organize several other similar events. Sooner or later the men stop coming and what was once a true entry level event for men associated with the local church has turned into a small group of the same men. Read more...

Man in the Mirror Events for Men. These events include: An Evening for Couples, Rewired, Success that Matters, The Seven Season of a Man's Life, Dad's that Make a Difference, and the Man in the Mirror Experience. These events are either faculty or church led events with the exception of MIM Experience with is led by Dr. Patrick Morley.    

Men's Small Groups. Why? It is clear from the Gospels that Jesus spent a great deal of time mentoring and coaching His disciples. It is also clear that He had an especially close relationship with three of these men: Peter, James and John.  These were men who led the early advance of the church. Read more...

Reaching Men for Christ The theme of this issue of Equipping the Man in the Mirror is "Reaching Younger Men for Christ." We asked our Field Team to give us their insight into this important issue. Read their comments.

Short-Term Mission trips are a great way to move a man along the wide to deep journey. Read more

Advancing Together (pdf) A look at leading men along on their spiritual journey. Read more


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