Answer God’s Call. God’s call to make disciples is compelling; God has commanded us to join the battle for the souls of men’s. Men in our churches and across America need to accept the gift of salvation and commit their lives to the Lord. They need to become disciples. Read More.

Leadership Team Roles and Functions. The functions represented on the local church men’s ministry team should be tailored to the needs and size of the church and the maturity of the ministry. Adapt these suggestions based on the men who are available and the needs and direction of your men’s ministry. Read More.

 Pastor Supported; Pastor Supporting. The most important man on the team is the pastor, whether he is the leader or a member of the team. Move forward together. Read more.

Lead Men by the Book. Challenge: Remember that God wants to be the leader of your men’s ministry, but He wants to do it through you.. As a leader, you must have a dynamic relationship with the Lord. You also need to be aware of your spiritual gifts, your strengths and your weaknesses. The first chapter of Joshua provides guidelines for and the qualities of God’s leaders. Read More

Leadership Training for Ministry to Men. The key to lasting change in our families, churches, and in communities can be found in reaching men for Christ. The purpose is to train leaders to be effective in every ministry effort over the long term, and to disciple every man. There are several ways in which your team can receive No Man Left Behind (NMLB) training. NMLB: The model: know it and show it. 

  • NMLB Video Courseware: The video-based No Man Left Behind Courseware is a convenient way to equip your leaders to build a customized discipleship program using the No Man Left Behind Model--on your schedule, at your pace, for your church. Registration and cost information.
  • No Man Left Behind 3D: (1½ days)  - Training Schedule
  •  The Journey to Biblical Manhood: Based on lessons from working with thousands of churches over 25 years, Man in the Mirror has prepared the Journey to Biblical Manhood (JBM)--a proven way to solve each of these problems. JBM is not a curriculum per se, but a process that can be customized to any church or denomination. It is designed specifically for men's leaders. JBM is based on the NMLB model. JBM is provided on a subscription basis with subscription fees based on the size of the church. 

Books on Leading a Ministry to Men

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