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Introduction: Capture Momentum with the Next Right Step

After a create event, the next right step for your men is to capture interest. Some may need more of the create momentum activities to build confidence in moving onto activities with deeper spiritual content.  Others may be ready to go deeper spiritually. Therefore, moving your men from create momentum to capture momentum must be handled with specific attention to where each man may be on his spiritual journey.

Capture activities or events include workshops, seminars or conferences that address needs that men face; such as, finances, marriage, parenting, career planning, etc. These can be one-day or weekend events or four to six-week studies. Capture events should be biblically-based. They need to be of duration, that is not requiring a "lifetime commitment." Finally, these events need to be a bridge to ongoing discipleship ministries such as a small group or mentoring. See No Man Left Behind, pgs 146-159.