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Discipleship! Discipleship? Discipleship-What exactly is this concept which we understand to be so very important yet know so little about. What is this ideology which has a plethora of books written about it yet so few who have caught the vision? What is it about discipleship that makes believers put on a face of bewilderment and ministers seek for a new topic.

Disciplemaking is the process of growing spiritually, through small groups or mentoring.

Making disciples is God’s designated way to release the power of His gospel on every problem we face. Everyone knows we have a "men problem." The collateral damage among women and children has been staggering--with no relief in sight. I know you care. Yet if you're like most of us, you can't help but wonder, What difference could I possibly make? I'm just one man. If you've been wondering what you can do, this is the lesson you've been waiting for. We each have a choice. We can sit in front of the TV and yell at the evening news, or we can do something about it. Bible Study ( by Patrick Morley (40 minute video)

Is ministry getting harder and harder? Why do some men’s ministries overflow with life and vitality while others lose steam? Recently I visited a church trying to start a men’s ministry, but the church was full of burned out “workers.” They had put the cart before the horse.

Go, and make disciples of all nations…most of us would agree that this is the most important mission we’ve received from our Master, Jesus Christ. But in order to fulfill the Great Commission (Mat. 28:16-20), we first have to understand what exactly it is we are making.

Not a Fan: Becoming a completely Committed Follower of Jesus by Kyle Idleman. Each chapter is a yardstick for defining one’s relationship with Jesus. Thought provoking. A great resource for mentoring and small groups. Download discussion questions.

A scripturally based document that defines levels of spiritual development as a man moves from coming to faith, moves on to spiritual adolescence, Spiritual adult, spiritual parent and spiritual leader.

One Pastor's Approach: Rev. Cade Christensen, has built his ministry around intentional friendship evangelism, personal discipleship and small groups. Men’s Disciplemaking (MD) interviewed Pastor Christensen regarding his approach to discipling men.

A simple, yet effective approach to leading someone to Christ.

Many methods come to mind, but the best method of making disciples is the one you will use. Which of these are most suitable for you: preaching, teaching, small groups, private study, Christian literature, seminars and conferences, informal discussion, leadership training, or application? Article by Dr. Patrick Morley