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Create Momentum

Create Momentum

There is a wide to deep spiritual continuum. Natural men and cultural Christians enter at the wide end. The desire is to move them toward a meaningful, ongoing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A worksheet to guide event planning.

Suggested survey for gauging where your men are and the events and activities that appeal to them.

Check out some of what you should be doing to be included in the Disciple Making Minitries.

Six Key Issues When Planning an Event for Men by Brian Doyle, Director, Iron Sharpens Iron Ministries

Man in the Mirror Ministries asks the question when addressing how to create momentum in your men's ministry: "How do you overcome the inertia in men?" Many men in the local church are not moving forward in their spiritual life.

In 1996, Promise Keepers asked the men attending PK conferences to describe their local church experience. Two words came up more than any others. Two words from men who not only attend church, but accepted an invitation to attend a national men's conference!

A men's event should not just be a church sponsored men’s event. The planning and preparation should make sure that the event is distinctively masculine. Here are a few ideas to help that happen:

Men need the facts, and they need to hear them many times in many ways. The average woman will be informed of an event and she will check her calendar to see if she can go. She has a disposition to say yes to the invitation. Most men do not have this disposition.