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Vision & Mission

Vision, Mission & Strategy

Capture where God is going and how He plans to get there. Start with some guidelines for developing vision and mission statements.
Capture where God is going and how He plans to get there. Start with some guidelines for developing vision and mission statements.

An effective ministry to men requires intentionality and thought. Here are five suggestions to stimulate your thinking.

Five critical elements for building an effective ministry to men.

Download six questions to assist in defining the vision and mission for your ministry to men.

Download these forms to pull it all together after developing and integrating your direction and purpose.

What are your objectives for ministry to men? These worksheets will help you move from broad objectives to implementation strategies and on to annual plans. Here is a worksheet in MS Word to help you think through your objectives and an example in pdf.

Have you thought about how your ministry to men will integrate with your church's overall mission? Here is a suggested approach for insuring that your ministry complements your church's vision and mission.

This worksheet is a tool for evaluating your purposes with those of the church. See downloaded Worksheet.