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The purpose of men's ministry is to move men from the bleachers onto the playing field by building relationships, encouraging spiritual growth, and making disciples who make disciples. Clearly this happens in a male only environment. This can be in a large group, a small group or a one-on-one relationship. This article focuses on ministering one-on-one.

Tools for Discipling Men. We are losing generations of men because older men are not taking seriously the task of making disciples of younger men. Getting It Right contains a serious of brochures that provide a simple format for generating disciplemaking discussions between men.

Rev. Cade Christensen, (Formerly pastor of Living Hope Alliance Church, Huntsville, AL), has built his ministry around intentional friendship evangelism, personal discipleship and small groups. Men’s Disciplemaking (MD) interviewed Pastor Christensen regarding his approach to discipling men.

Alliance pastor, Rev. John Janney, makes discipling men a key component of his ministry. C&MA Men’s Disciplemaking (MD) recently interviewed Pastor Janney regarding his approach to discipling men.

This type of discipline can take two forms. an iron-sharpening-iron approach where two men enjoy somewhat equal spiritual maturity; the other is a mentor-disciple relationship aimed at encouraging spiritual growth on the part of the disciple. Our focus here is on encouraging those men who are in the stands to move onto the playing field.