Editor Instructions

MDM editor login page

Login Page

1. Follow the onscreen directions.

2. Keep this window open for reference when making your edits.

MDM editor menu

Editor Menu

Once you are logged into the editor you will see the information along the bottom of your screen. From here you can click on any one of the links/icons to get you where you need to go. Each one is labeled and will be explained here.

A. Menu Button - If you have login privileges to additional settings you can access them here.

B. Pages - This will take you to your list of all the pages available to you for edit.

C. Collections - This is where your articles and events are located.

D. Forms - When someone submits a form on your website, you will be able to view the message content here, along with the name, email, and date and time.

E. Account Settings - You can update your name and profile image here.

F. Help & Support - This icon will direct you to additional resources, which you will be able to learn about more control and access to your site.

G. Logout - Pretty self explanatory, click this icon to logout from the editor.

H. Publish - Make sure you press this button after edits you make so that it will publish them to your live site. *I would recommend doing this when you are about to leave a page that you have edited, or an article(s) you have created.

MDM editor pages section

B. Pages

In this image, you will see a layout of all of your pages:

A. Static Pages - Your static pages are your main pages, it is where your menu links to.

B. Article Pages - Your article pages are just that, you can see a list of all of your articles that you have added through your collections.

C. Next Button - This will cycle through all of your static pages, which you currently have 14 our of 100 allowed.

D. Search Bar - If you know the name of your page or a general idea of the name you can search for it here.

MDM editor collections section

C. Collections

The Collections page will allow you to view all dynamic content, this includes: Articles and Events.

B. Articles - This is where you will enter all of your articles and add your files. We will got into more detail on below.

C. Events - Here you will enter all of your events that will show up on the hime page as well as your All Events page.

MDM editor, collections section, view of Men's Disciple Articles list view.

C.a. Collections - Men's Disciple Articles Example

When you click on either Men's Disciple Articles or Events under Collections, this is what will show up. Let's take a look at what some of these features are.

A. Current Article Name - This is a list of all of your current articles in your "Articles Collection" (We will take a look at how to create a new article below)

B. Status - The status will show Published in *Green or Draft in *Orange.

C. Select - When you press this button you are able to archive, delete, or change the status of an individual article or select many to do the same thing.

D. New Men's Disciple Article (Green Button) - When you press this button it will take you to the next screen that will allow you to enter a new article. (You will see this in the next section below)

E. Publish (Blue Button) - As you can see there are currently 2 Unpublished Changes. When the "Publish" button is "Blued" like this, you know you have changes that need to be published to your live site.

MDM editor, collections section, creating a new article view.

C.b. Collections - New Article Fields

This is where you will enter your new article to the "Article Collections" tab. Let's take a look at some of these options:

A. Name - Enter the name of your article. (Below this line you will see a website address that will adjust to the name of the article you create, you cannot adjust this)

B. Category - Select this dropdown menu and choose from the predefined categories, this is how your articles will be distributed to the pages of your site.

C. Featured Article - Slide this to YES, to have this article be featured.

D. Summary, Short Description - This block is limited to 200 characters and should be used to described what the article is about. You can use the first couple sentences of the article for this.

E. Article Long Description - This is where you place the body of your article. I would highly recommend using a "Text Editor" or "Google Docs" and not "MS Word" to copy/paste your articles to this block. (MS Word adds its own formatting to its documents which does not agree with these types of systems.

F. Download Link Text 1 (2nd field avail.) - Enter what the client would be downloading. It could be the name of the file or a generic term like, "Original Document"

G. File Upload 1 (2nd field avail.) - Choose the file or doc you want to attach for your customers (clients) to download.

H. Create (Cancel) - Click on this "Green" button to create your article. You can also cancel your entry by hitting the cancel button to the left. Or you can click on the down arrow next to "Create" to save this article as a "Draft" to be used for a future post. (Since there is not a scheduled featured available, yet.)

MDM editor, forms section view.

D. Forms

When there is data submitted on your website, by way of the contact form, you will see the data here. You will see all of the fields in the form:




Additional Info: Time and Date

MDM editor, account settings section, personal info

E. Account Settings

Your account settings page will allow you to change some key components of your account.

A. Personal Settings - You can change or update your personal information

B. Profile Image - Upload a current profile image to your account.

C. First Name - Enter your First name.

D. Last Name - Enter your last name.

E. Email Address - This is one field you will not be able to edit. If you need to change your email address, you will have to contact Standout Arts to change your email address. (You will be sent new login credentials, as your old email account will be deleted to create a new one.)

F. Save Changes (Green Button) - Click this button to save any changes you make in this section.

MDM editor, help and support section, additional support features

F. Help & Support

This section will provide any additional support questions you may have. These are offered by the hosting provider to better help you navigate through the editor. When you have time, take a look through some of the videos and articles.

MDM editor login page