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Encourage Your Pastor

Men, how do you show your appreciation to your pastor? It is important to take time to honor and say thanks to this special man. After all, he has one of the toughest jobs in the world. The (a web site from Focus on the Family) explains why it is so necessary to do this, and has suggestions on what you can do to show your appreciation. Read more on this site.

Want to honor your pastor? Consider the following actions:

  • A gift such as a book or a coffee mug that will remind him to pray for the men of the church. (Remember, he probably has LOTS of books, so make sure he is really interested and not just being nice!)
  • An encouraging e-mail with a specific point of impact, like sharing a sermon point that really helped you.
  • Give him a DVD of a movie he really likes
  • Give him something related to his hobby
  • Pay your pastors way to men’s retreat
  • Pay your pastors admission to men’s events
  • Take your pastor and his wife out to dinner – and, oh, yes, pay for babysitting
  • Offer to babysit so he and his wife can have an evening or day together
  • When you go out to lunch with your pastor, by all means, pay for his meal
  • Volunteer to help him with hospital and shut-in visitation
  • Ask him how you can help with his ministry. Is there something you can do to lighten his load
  • Remember him on his birthday and anniversary