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Measuring Success

As Man in the Mirror points out, we tend to look at the wrong things in measuring success in men’s ministry. The success question is, are men’s lives being changed?

“There are a lot of implications of the concept of an all-inclusive ministry to men.

One of the most profound implications relates to how you think about success in your ministry to men. When a leader is passionate about an aspect of your ministry, it’s natural for him to think of success in terms of how many men are involved and the impact on their lives. So he desperately wants men to come to the weekly breakfast, or the annual retreat, or participate in the service project. Of course these are all good things, but measuring them may not have anything to do with how effective your church is with men.

The only true measure of success in ministry to men is this: Is our church producing mature male disciples? If the answer to that question is yes, then you have an effective ministry to men, even if you don’t do a single "men’s only" activity or even if nobody comes to the ones you do. Don’t be mad at them for not coming. Instead, ask the next question: “How are we producing them?” Now quit your ineffective men’s activity and invest in the things God is using in men’s lives.

The role of a leadership team in an all-inclusive ministry to men is to pour your support and resources into the efforts that are producing these disciples, even if they are co-ed or run by different “ministries” in the church. Your only goal should be to maximize the discipleship impact of every interaction your church has with every man. Of course every church will likely need some “men’s only” activities, but these serve the larger process and are not an end in themselves.

Get a few leaders thinking with this broad perspective and watch how God transforms the discipleship process of your church.”

Man in the Mirror Weekly Briefing, Vol. 273, March 24, 2008