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Men's Breakfast for Capturing Momentum

Suggest using your men’s breakfasts as a capture event.

Purpose. You can schedule men’s breakfast as a capture event to build on the fellowship and relationships that were developed during the create event. These breakfasts need to have a definite spiritual component. The purpose is to deal with a challenge or issue that men face in their life, such as:

  • Marriage and family
  • Parenting
  • Finances
  • Men’s health


  • Use a biblically based study or video series
  • Above all, as a capture event, these breakfasts need to be of limited duration – four to six weeks. It may take a while before a man is ready for a long-term commitment.

Location. The church is a good place to hold these breakfasts. The breakfast does not have to be fancy. Ask for volunteers to cook. This is the least expensive way and one that builds camaraderie among the men in the process. Have the men throw a few dollars into a basket to cover the cost.

Frequency. These breakfasts should be held on consecutive weeks to limit forgetfulness and maintain interest. It is a good idea to call the men to remind them of the upcoming date and time.

The Next Step. This type of breakfast should prepare men to move into a men’s small group or one-on-one discipling; a sustaining momentum activity. The goal is to encourage men to seek an open and honest environment in for grounding in the Word and moving him toward service and ministry.