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Men's Breakfasts as a Sustaining Activity

“Everybody” does men’s breakfasts. In fact, when asking about men’s ministry in churches, most leaders point to men’s breakfasts. In reality men’s breakfasts can be a create point, a capture point or as we shall see, a sustaining activity.

Purpose. A sustaining breakfast is more than fellowship and relationship building. It is an intentional effort to take men deeper into the Word and challenge them to grow spiritually. It is discipleship.


  • o Use a biblically based study, or
  • o Use a study book that focuses on character or other male issues
  • o Many churches use Man in the Mirror video Bible series and associated worksheets.
  • o Rotate the leadership of the study among your men, or
  • o See if your pastor would like to lead a study.

Small Groups. As attendance grows, consider dividing attendance into table groups – six, eight or ten depending on the sizes of table available. The men at each table can listen to the lesson and then discuss what was said with those at the table. Pat Morley’s book, Pastoring Men, describes how he does it at the Orlando, Friday Morning Bible study with attendance of as many as 150 Men.

Location and logistics. The church is a good place to hold your breakfasts. The breakfast does not have to be fancy. Ask for volunteers to cook. This is the least expensive way and one that builds camaraderie among the men in the process. Have the men throw money into a basket to cover the cost. As an alternative, you may want to consider breakfast at a restaurant that has a separate room for privacy.

Frequency. Remember, the intent is spiritual growth. Hit and miss scheduling is not helpful. Consider meeting weekly. What about a weekly morning Bible study with just coffee and donuts?