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Ministering to the Men in Our Churches

Natural Man: Disciplemaking Strategy: Reaching Men Who Need Christ: These are men who are not believers and know they are not. Many do not go to church or just come on special occasions.

Build relationships with these men by encouraging their participation in non-threatening events, events with little or no-spiritual content. It is about building relationships. These events can be nothing more than a men’s dinner, a sporting event (spectating or participation), or workshops or seminars on finance, hunting, fishing or car repair.(No Man Left Behind, p130, 209)

Cultural Christians: Disciplemaking Strategy: Reaching Men Who are Cultural Christians: These men are: (1) on the fringes. They may attend church regularly but that is the extent of his involvement. They are under the influence the culture, not the Word. (2) Those that may put their involvement in the church ahead of their relationship with the Lord. They are very involved but keep others at arm’s length. 33% of American men fall into one of these two categories.

Reach these men through building a one-to-one relationship. Invite a man to coffee or breakfast or lunch. Find a common interest to engage the man. Encourage these men to attend a men’s workshop or seminar dealing with a topic of interest such as finance, marriage, and family enrichment, etc. (No Man Left Behind, p131, 209)

A man was caught in a difficult situation. He was not engaged with the men of the church and turned to men who gave him worldly advice. He acted on that advice and may possibly face prison time. He did not have a solid foundation and was swept away by emotions and poor advice.

Biblical Christians: Disciplemaking Strategy: Encouraging Biblical Christians: Biblical Christians are men who are eager to develop their faith. Many are engaged in ministry. Others may be waiting for someone to show them what to do. Three things that appeal to these men: learning, service and leading. These men are believers. 5.5% of American men fall into this category.

Minister to these men through small groups, Sunday school classes, men’s retreats, mission trips and men’s seminars. (No Man Left Behind, p132, 209)

Leaders: Disciplemaking Strategy: Supporting Men Who are Leaders: Men who take responsibility in getting things done and influence others to join the effort. A leader is concerned about reaching and discipling other men. Less than one percent of American men fit into this category.

Support leaders through leadership training conferences and accountability relationships. These men consistently need encouragement and reminders of their motivation to minister and serve. (No Man Left Behind, p133, 209)

Hurting Men: These are men who are experiencing difficulties in their lives: marriage, financial, a wayward child, alcohol, pornography, job, personal or family health issues, etc. The issues our men face can be brought on by inappropriate behavior or bad decisions or because they are actively engaged in advancing Christ’s kingdom – attacks by Satan. Hurting men will fall into one of the four other categories of men in your church that we have address the past several months.

Many resources are available to deal with these issues such as recovery groups, financial counseling, marriage and parental guidance and addiction groups or counseling. (No Man Left Behind, p133, 209)