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Our Men Need a Champion

Much has been written about the failure of men in our society. The purpose of men’s ministry is to turn the tide of moral failure, ignorance and complacency. Men need other men to help them grow in the Lord. Men’s ministry is a team effort. That team needs a champion.

A Champion Helps Men Catch the Vision.

  • Meeting the Needs of Men. Our men need a gender-specific, issue-oriented ministry. Spiritually healthy men produce a spiritually healthy church. When men are growing in the Lord, they become vibrant and fully engaged. A champion helps men meet their needs through Christ.
  • Meeting the Needs of the Church. A successful men’s ministry produces men who respond to God’s call on their lives. An effective men’s ministry reduces the burden on the pastor. It is not an organization that consumes resources. It is disciplemaking. It produces resources. A champion is essential if the ministry is going to endure and be an asset to the church.
  • Meeting the Needs of the Alliance. Our men need to not only support the local ministry, but to underwrite the needs of the Alliance at district and national levels. Men’s ministry encourages men in the disciplines of Christian living. This includes the investment of time, talent and treasure in the areas of home missions, the Great Commission Fund, and other needs that may arise in advancing Christ’s Kingdom at home and abroad. A champion helps men develop a Christian-world view.

A champion:

  • Understands the needs of his men.
  • Prays for his men and the ministry to men.
  • Mentors his men’s ministry leader.
  • Encourages and guides the leadership team as they wrestle with the issues of building relationships and discipling men.
  • May need to lead the men’s ministry until one of the men catches the vision and is able to take the reigns.
  • Tells his men “I’m going to be there. Join me.”
  • Models what it means to overcome the obstacles in the Christian life.
  • Sees ministry to men as an opportunity.

A champion Impacts --- Leaders --- Who Impact --- Men --- Who Impact the Church