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Pray for Your Pastor

Prayer Champion. Every Men's Ministry Leadership Team - no matter what the size, needs a man who is a prayer leader. He not only is an intercessor but is able to pull together a few other men to pray. Priority one for this man is to encourage your men to pray with and for your pastor.

Aaron and Hur Ministry. In Exodus 17:8-16, Joshua fought the Amalekites while Moses stood on a hill overlooking the battle with his arms raised. As long as his arms were up, Joshua prevailed. When Moses grew tired and his arms fell, the Amalekites prevailed. Aaron and Hur seated Moses on a rock and held up his arms. Joshua won the battle. Every pastor needs an Aaron and Hur.

Here are a few ideas on carrying out an Aaron and Hur ministry in your church. It is only a template. Adapt them to work in your situation.

  • First, get buy-in from your pastor. Is he willing to provide insight into his prayer needs on a weekly basis? He may not be able to be specific, but he can provide a general schedule and indicate unspoken needs when he faces sensitive situations.
  • Second, enlist a team of men who will commit to praying for your pastor. If you have seven or more men, each can commit to “holding up your pastor’s arms” one day a week. Seek prayer warriors. Look for quality and not quantity.
  • Third, agree upon a time for the men to meet with your pastor. At this time, your pastor can identify his prayer needs, either in writing or orally, the sermon topic, and what the Lord has laid on his heart in the way of desired outcomes for Sunday services. During this time, the men can lay hands on your pastor and pray together for his ministry during the services, the day and the week.

If a man commits, but due to family or other responsibilities cannot meet with your pastor at the appointed time, he can still participate. Just make sure he is aware of your pastor’s prayer needs for the coming week.

A Sunday Variation: Have a man hold up your pastor (and congregation) in prayer during his message. Your pastor can provide message notes to the prayer warrior for his use as he prays.

Can women participate? Yes, by all means!

Result: Your pastor will know that his men support him and will experience, at a very practical level, a men’s ministry in action.