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Short-Term Missions

Short-Term Mission trips are great ways to move a man along the wide to deep journey. The man in the early part of his spiritual journey will experience what it means to be a part of a productive team. period of camaraderie and will engage in a project gaining a sense of accomplishment and experience helping the less fortunate. He will be a part of a team assisting missionaries on the field. He will gain a deeper appreciation of how God has blessed him, and through that, a deeper faith.

Teams have done prayer walks, put roofs on churches, street evangelism, construct benches, assist with projects for nationals, as well as veterinary, medical and dental support.

Is God calling you to lead a short-term work team to a mission field? Here are some basic steps.  If you already have an invitation from the field and a project to accomplish, and dates, describe the project, learn the cost for travel, shots, passport, etc. Once the wheels are greased, invite people to join the team. This is a simple process but must be done right to bless and be blessed.