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Small Groups

Men's Small Groups. It is clear from the Gospels that Jesus spent time mentoring and coaching His disciples. It is also clear the He had especially close relationships with three men: Peter, James and John. These were men who, in turn, were among those who lead the early church.

Men's Breakfasts as a Sustaining Activity. “Everybody” does men’s breakfasts. In fact, when asking about men’s ministry in churches, most leaders point to men’s breakfasts. In reality men’s breakfasts can be a create point, a capture point or as we shall see, a sustaining activity.

Why Men's Ministry so Often Fails  ... by David Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going to Church. Women’s and children’s ministries flourish in practically every U.S. congregation, but few churches are able to establish or maintain a vibrant men’s ministry. For example, there are 35,000 United Methodist congregations in the U.S.  but only 6,000 offer a chapter of the United Methodist Men’s Organization.

A Scriptural Basis for Small Groups. What does scripture say about spiritual growth through small groups?

Books for Personal or Small Group Use