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Interest in being a part of a band of brothers is generated with create events and encouraged through capture events. The next step is moving men into intentional disciplemaking ministries. These include men’s small groups or mentoring. There may be multiple small group studying different topics or a single large group divided into tables following the approach laid out in Pastoring Men  by Pat Morley, pp 145-158. In either case the idea is to place men in a friendly, safe environment where they grow spiritually and deal with the issues with which they struggle. See No Man Left Behind, pgs 146-159.

The Principle of Spiritual Maturity( are closing in on spiritual maturity when you can say to another man, “Follow my example.” What does it mean to be "spiritually mature?" And why do many men find spiritual maturity such a struggle? In this lesson we're going to answer those questions AND give you a practical tool that will help you monitor and increase your own spiritual maturity. Bible Study ( by Patrick Morley (33 minute video).

Relationships. Men in relationships is the engine that moves men into discipleship and service. Relationship building is critical in creating, capturing and now sustaining a ministry to men. Sustaining the ministry is about the spiritual growth of men.

Mentoring. Mentoring for spiritual growth is defined as one man pouring his life into another.

Small Groups. It is clear from the Gospels that Jesus spent time mentoring and coaching His disciples. It is also clear the He had especially close relationships with three men: Peter, James and John. These were men who, in turn, were among those who lead the early church.

Measuring Success. The success question in ministry to men is, are lives being changed?  

Measuring Combat Readiness. Because we are engaged in spiritual warfare, consider adapting the military’s method of rating the combat readiness of its units. This rating system considers the effectiveness of training, the availability of proper equipment for the unit’s mission, awareness of the enemy’s capabilities, demonstrated ability to apply the strategy and tactics for defeating the enemy, and the health and morale of the personnel.  

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