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Pastor Supporting; Pastor Supported

Ministry to Men is more effective when the pastor is actively involved in organizing. planning and particiapting in men's events. When pastors support the ministry, men recognize and understand the need to support him. Here are some examples of both types of support:

Our Men Need a Champion. Much has been written about the failure of men in our society. The purpose of men’s ministry is to turn the tide of moral failure, ignorance and complacency. Men need other men to help them grow in the Lord. Men’s ministry is a team effort. That team needs a champion. .

Understand Your Pastor's Heart for Men Most pastors want to have an effective men’s ministry. He may have even beaten his head against that wall for years trying to get men more involved.

Encourage Your Pastor. Men, how do you show your appreciation to your pastor? It is important to take time to honor and say thanks to this special man. After all, he has one of the toughest jobs in the world. The (a web site from Focus on the Family) explains why it is so necessary to do this, and has suggestions on what you can do to show your appreciation. Read more on this site. ..

Pray for Your Pastor. Prayer Champion. Every Men's Ministry Leadership Team - no matter what the size, needs a man who is a prayer leader. He not only is an intercessor but is able to pull together a few other men to pray. Priority one for this man is to encourage your men to pray with and for your pastor. .

Affirm Your Pastor. Memo to Men’s Ministry Leaders. I prepared the following comments to assist men’s ministry leaders as they work with their pastor in establishing or moving their men’s ministry forward. They are based on my observations while serving on a district office staff. I believe the comments will be helpful in framing your interaction with your pastor:

The Number One Ingredient to a Successful Ministry to Men. There are many ingredients that go into this recipe called “men’s ministry” and all of them are quite important. If you are going to build a successful ministry to men in your church, there is one thing you must have. Without this, your church’s men’s ministry will never develop.