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The Need

Recognize the Compelling Need

Men are in trouble. And we believe that if men are in trouble, then our culture is in trouble. Many churches have difficulty connecting with men and showing how the gospel can change them and the world around them. We need a renewed focus and sustained effort to reach and disciple our men.

Clearly, the church is losing its appeal to the American male. As an institution, it is increasingly viewed as irrelevant and out-of-touch with the concerns and needs of men. Consider the erosion of profession of faith by generations as reported by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

A description of the needs of men in America, in general, and men in the church taken from Man in the Mirror research, a survey of Alliance pastors and men's ministry leaders and Kloppman, Men's Ministry in a Small Church.

a brief review of Guyland by Michael Kimmel concerning the challenges boys face in making the transition from teenager to adulthood in today's culture. (from Family Life, March 2010)